Welcome to Ippudo
Ippudo, our ramen restaurant, was first established in 1985 in Hakata, Fukuoka. Currently in 2017, we have over 100 stores throughout Japan.
In 1990, our founder, Shigemi Kawahara, entered the Hall of Fame for winning the the ramen competition of the show, "TV Champion" three consecutive times. Then in 2005, he gained the title "Noodle King" after coming in 1st in the "Largest Ramen Competition in History to Decide the Noodle King".
In 2008, our first store outside of Japan was opened in New York. Now, we have stores in London, Paris, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Sydney, and in other countries all around the world, totaling 60 stores. Ippudo is the force driving the global ramen fever.
We innovate and build the "global standard of ramen shops" all over the world by ensuring not only our delicious tasting ramen but also our great service and atmosphere. We will continue to share our authentic tonkotsu ramen, that we have pursued to the highest quality, throughout the world.

We have pursued the highest flavor quality for our Hakata tonkotsu ramen. We have continued two flavors that have become the pillars of our restaurant. We have the "Shiromaru Classic," our classic, original broth which has been around ever since we first established our store, and the "Akamaru Modern," our innovative, "modern" broth where we pursued richness and depth. Our special, limited-time ramen tailored to the four seasons are also very popular with our customers.

It is smooth and yet has a rich flavor. While sticking to the traditional way of making Hakata tonkotsu ramen, we have added our own special way of creating this delicious ramen through our "Juku Kasane" method where we add many layers of depth to our flavors. We cook our soup in a special soup cauldron for 18 hours and then let the soup age for a whole day at a low temperature. Our tonkotsu broth is smooth like silk and has a deep flavor.

We use a special "ramen wheat" from the Fukuoka prefecture that creates our chewy noodles. Our noodles are chewy like mochi and yet are easy to cut and eat. Even while being eaten, Ippudo's noodles give off a natural wheat aroma. Our skilled craftsmen control the temperature and humidity every single day, which enables us to make our delicious, thin noodles.

Ippudo has received much praise and approval throughout Japan. In 2010, We won 1st place for "Tokyo Ramen of the Year (TRY Grand Prize)". Trip Advisor also ranked us the #1 ramen restaurant for "Restaurants popular with foreigners in 2014." Ippudo in New York was ranked the best restaurant in 2010. We are also published in the Michelin Guide every year.